Artists Grace and Clay create Art Deco and Pop Art 3D holographic artwork. Their artwork is high tech and futuristic with characteristics of Contemporary, Abstract, and Minimalism. The medium is stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, brass and copper. Their artwork's style is Beauty for the sake of Beauty.

The collection is the realization of decades of professional 3D art work by the husband and wife team. Scott Clay's skillful manipulation of the metal medium bring Dana Grace's visionary designs pulsing to life as unique works of Fine Art.

Contact us for a showing, commission pieces, or a gallery exhibition in our Groovy Metal Studios located in Santa Barbara, CA. Call us at 805.500.6950

The 3D holographic beauty of our art is impossible to photograph. Contact us to see it in person!

Scott Clay and Dana Grace

Current Events
Showing at:

Grace & Clay Art Gallery
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

Stainless Steel 36" x 11"

o see our past 20 years of 3D Computer Artwork,  click image -

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We also create true 3D artwork that requires glasses and that really pops out of the page. This is very cutting edge. 
Samples coming soon!

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